The exploitation of oil resources, started around Ploiesti in the 19th century, the construction of the first refinery in the world in 1856, and the rapid development of an industry that made the city 60 kilometers from Bucharest the largest gasoline producer Europe, have consecrated Ploiesti with an undisputed supernatural, “the capital of black gold”.
After 150 years , AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING (AOC) was born in Ploiesti. It was set up in 2008 to ensure customer satisfaction through cost-effective and high-performance services in the oil and gas industry. Located in Ploiesti, the heart of the Romanian oil industry,  AOC has made major efforts to become one of the favorite oil and gas service providers both internally and externally. The AOC professional team, with many years of experience in the oil and gas industry, will help you become more efficient in aproach your business goals.


Focus on customers’ challenges, provide competitive solutions and create long-term value for customers.
Create value for our customers, create wealth for the society, provide opportunities for our staff, provide a return for our investors
We can work well only with dedication. There are always opportunities for those who work hard. No pains, no gains.



The quality of AEG's products and services is always the first in our company's vision. True to the principle of total quality, in order to comply with our moral values ​​of customer dedication, we have implemented in our AEG activity quality management systems, represented by documented policies, procedures and organizational methods of carrying out all aspects of the activity.


With over 10 years of experience in petroleum equipments, management and monitoring of process processes involved in oil processing, AEG will provide you with all of its accumulated knowledge base over time. Determination, professionalism and sense of responsibility for each major project, recommends AEG as a trusted partner.


Punctuality in delivering products and services is the base of AEG where it developed as a petroleum service company. Innovative management, as well as its adaptability to changes brought about by an economic environment in the process of transformation,  has made the idea of ​​a simple market trial a reference point in the services that AEG promotes.


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