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Centrifugal Degasser

GNLCQ300C centrifugal degasser is a new type degasser, specialized in processing gas cut drilling fluid. Normally it is installed after shale shaker and widely used in various solids control system, and it is very important for recovering mud weight, stabilize mud viscosity performance, reduce drilling cost. Meantime it can be used as a big power blender. Its advantages are large capacity, high rate of degassing, less area required, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance.

Centrifugal Degasser Parameter

Model GNLCQ300C
Liquid Inlet Size 20″
Liquid Outlet Size 8″
Gas Outlet Size 2″
Max Liquid Throughput 300m3/h
Max Gas Removed 30m3/h
Main Motor 22Kw
Fan Motor 1.1Kw
Gearbox Ratio 1: 3.78
Weight 1375kg
Dimension 1150×1055×2885mm
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