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GN desander is the second class and the third class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluid. According to the size of the cone diameter, it is divided into Desander and Desilter. Usually the cone diameter is more than 6″is called Desander, and used as the second-control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly used 8 “and 10” cones desander to separate solid-phase particle size 47-76μm in the drilling fluids.

GN Desander Technical Parameters

Capacity 120/240m³/h (528/1056GPM) 240m³/h (1056GPM) 360m³/h (1584GPM) 240/360m³/h (1056/1584GPM)
Desander Size(Inch) 10″
Desander Qty 1/2 Pc 2 Pcs 3 Pcs 2/3 Pcs
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa
Feeding Size DN150
Output Size DN200
Bottom Shaker Specs. Shaker Model GNZS752F GNZS703F N/A
Vibration Mode Linear Motion
Vibration Motor 2×0.75Kw 2×1.72Kw
Screen Qty 2 Panels 3 Panels
Screen Size 750×900mm 700×1250mm
Screen Area 1.35m² 2.63m²
Adjust G Force ≤7.1G(Adjustable) ≤7.5G(Adjustable)
Vibration Amplitude 3.92~5.62mm 4.14~5.96mm
Deck Angle Range +2° -1~+5°
EX Standard ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
Weight(Kg) 1059/1114kg 1835kg 1924kg 502/559kg
Dimension:mm 1676×1754×1822 2419×2131×1656 2419×2135×2066 2177×1000×1901
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