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Data protection principles of, according to art. 13 of RGPD
We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you visit our website. We attach great importance to the protection of your private life, as data protection is a customer-oriented quality indicator for us. The following data protection principles are designed to inform you about how we handle the collection, processing and use of personal data through AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING.
1. The responsible operator, in accordance with Art. 4 (7) of the RGPD
Str. Bibescu Voda, Nr. 2, Ploiesti
Phone: + 40 344 144 591
2. Contact form / Email contact / Phone calls
The purpose of data processing / Legal basis: The personal data you provide to us by filling in the contact forms, by phone or e-mail, is treated confidentially. We use your data for the exclusive purpose of processing your request. The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 par. (1) lit. (f) of the RGPD. The legitimate interest of AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING derives from our desire to serve our interests and respond to the requests of our customers and visitors to this website, thus obtaining and supporting customer satisfaction.

Recipients / Categories of recipients:

We categorically exclude data transfers to third parties outside of AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING. Exceptionally, data is processed by data operators at our request. They are carefully selected, they are heard by us and also have a contractual obligation, according to art. 28 of RGPD. Further, it may be necessary for us to send extracts from your application to the contractual partners (for example, suppliers, in the case of specific product requests) in order to process your application. But in these cases, the application is pre-anonymized, so that third parties can not make any connection between you and your application. If the transmission of personal information may be necessary, we will inform you of that and we will ask for your consent.
Storage Time / Storage Time Criteria: All personal data that you have provided to us in the requests (suggestions, opinions or criticisms) via this web site or by e-mail is deleted by us not later than 90 days after the final response you have been given, or safe anonymous. Retaining for 90 days is explained by the fact that, rarely, it may happen that you, as a customer, can contact us again about a response in the same respect, and we must be able to consult the previous correspondence.

Experience has shown that, as a rule, after 90 days, there are no longer questions about our answers.
3. AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING customer account and shopping list
You have the possibility to create a user account on this website and maintain and distribute shopping lists through it.
The purpose of data processing / Legal basis: The AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING client account is necessary for you to create “Shopping Lists”. Thus, the virtual shopping list makes shopping easier, as the available products can be placed in a digital shopping cart. You can also access recipes on this web page and add all the necessary ingredients to the shopping list with a click. In addition, you can send a shopping list to another person who uses the app to make purchases. For this purpose, a link can be generated that you can send independently via private message, email, or other means of sending messages available on your mobile device.
To create a customer account, AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING is collected from you and used as binding data the following: address, first and last name, e-mail and a password you personally selected. The email address only serves as a user name for use and authentication on Your name is used by AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING only to be able to address you by name. In addition, when using the “Shopping List” feature, the items you specify are saved in the client account. Further processing of customer account data or shopping lists created does not take place without explicit consent being given. The legal basis for processing data from the use of AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING client accounts and your shopping list is Art. 6 par. (1) lit. (f) of the RGPD.

Hint: Alternatively, for your AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING client account, you can register via so-called social networking and connect in the future (for example, through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+). For this, however, it is necessary to grant a specific consent. In these data protection principles, you can find more information about the data you send in the “Social Network Authentication / Expanded Advertising Agreement” section.
Recipients / Recipient Categories: AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING client account data can only be used by AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING by the relevant departments, for the technical management of AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING client accounts and for anonymous statistical evaluations. AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING does not transmit information to third parties outside AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING.
Storage Time / Storage Time Criteria: In general, shopping lists remain unsecured on your client account unless you delete your customer account or individual shopping lists. In addition, you can delete the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING customer account at any time. This may be requested by email to the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING customer service through a removal request. Your client account is deleted or anonymized immediately (by deleting all identifying information). Of course, you can record anytime again. If you no longer use the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING customer account for three years, we automatically delete it if you do not oppose this.

Prize competitions
The purpose of data processing / Legal basis: You have the opportunity to participate on our website for prize competitions. Personal data submitted for participation in prize competitions are used exclusively for running the contest (validation of winners, award and award of prizes, announcement of winners). After the contest is closed and the winners are informed, the participants’ data is deleted from the database. Following certain contests, you can opt for your data to enter the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING database to keep you up to date with our activities and promotions. If you choose to participate, the legal basis for data processing in prize competitions is, as a rule, Art. 6 par. (1) lit. (f) of the EU RPGP. In the case of providing a declaration of further agreement in a prize contest, the legal basis for data processing that is based on your consent is found in art. 6 par. (1) lit. (a) of the RGPD.
If you agreed to a prize contest, you have the opportunity to revoke it at any time, with effect in the future, but this leads to the inability to participate in the draw and win.
Please read carefully the participation forms, as well as the regulations of the contests you participate in, available on our website or, as the case may be, in stores.

Recipients / Recipient Categories: Typically, data collected in competitions can only be accessed by the department that organized the action. Information is passed on to third parties only if this is strictly necessary for the transmission and award of prizes won in competitions or if you have given us your explicit consent to this effect.
Storage Time / Criteria for setting the storage time: After the contest and notification of the winner, the participants’ data is deleted. Winner’s data is kept for the time required by law for prizes exceeding the non-taxable amount of 600 lei.
6. Consent to subscribe to the newsletter
The purpose of data processing / Legal basis: You have the opportunity to subscribe to the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING newsletter via the available channels (this site, contest forms, social networks). Your agreement is the legal basis for data processing for the purpose of sending the newsletter, 6 par. (1) lit. (a) of the RGPD.
The purpose of data processing is to inform the subscribers about goods, campaigns and contests of AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING SRL, as well as information about the offers, but not limited to.
Subscribing to the newsletter is done in two steps (double eight in). After submitting the subscription form, you receive an email with a subscription confirmation email. To become a subscriber, you need to confirm by accessing the email link within 14 days.

By confirming your registration, you grant your consent to the processing of the data for the purposes specified in the declaration of agreement. Without confirming or activating the confirmation link, we can not send you any newsletters.
As long as you subscribe to the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING free newsletter, you acknowledge that AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING can process your email address as mandatory information so that you can send your AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING newsletter via e-mail.
You further agree that we can save information about how you subscribe to the newsletter (for example, from the subscription form or from a contest form) in order to optimize your subscription opportunities. If, in the course of the registration, we provide optional data about your person (address, surname, name) on your own initiative, you agree that we use this data in order to use a personal address in the newsletter.
Recipients / Recipient Categories: Data submitted within the subscription process can only be accessed by the department at AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING, which is responsible for processing and monitoring the newsletter submission. If other external data controllers are involved in sending the newsletter, they have a contractual obligation under Art. 28 of the RGPD and are subject to controls on appropriate organizational and technical safeguards.
Storage Time / Storage Time Criteria: If you unsubscribe from the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING newsletter, your subscriber profile data is deleted. Consequently, you will not receive the newsletter anymore.

7.Using cookies
This web page uses so-called “cookies” (small files that a server sends to your computer) that manages the connection to our pages.
When visiting AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING’s web pages, they are sent from our web server to your device (PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet) and saved in your internet browser. The cookies to be used may perform different functions. The following subsections inform about the individual purposes of the different cookies that can be used.
You can set your browser so that it is informed about the placement of the cookies. Thus, the use of cookies becomes transparent to you. In addition, you can set your browser so that it generally does not support cookies or refuse cookies from individual vendors. However, we want to inform you that under certain circumstances the functionality of this page may be affected.
7.1 Webtracking through Adobe Analytics
Purpose of data processing / Legal basis: The information resulting from the use of the page (these are: the file where the file was requested, the file name, the date and time of the request, the transmitted quantity of the data, the access status, such as “File Transmission” not found “, etc., a description of the type of web browser used and an anonymous IP address – without the last three digits) are used by us for guiding the user, statistical evaluations, adjusting our web pages to your needs, displaying advertising on page (displaying product information on the corresponding buttons on this web page, which corresponds to the behavior when you click on ( and to protect against the irregular queries of our web offer. To do so, we use cookies by through which we can see statistically the activity in the new pages streaming the internet during the session.

To do so, we save a permanent cookie through our Web browser through Adobe Systems GmbH, which we have delegated to create an anonymous user profile. With this permanent cookie, it’s possible to recognize your browser. This has a statistical goal and structure based on the need for our page.
With Adobe Analytics, the data collected is not used to personally identify the visitor to this web page. Neither use data saved in the cookie is centralized with the personal data of the pseudonym. The legal basis for this data save and the use of the permanent cookie is Art. 6 par. (1) lit. (f) of the RGPD. You can always resist this collection and data saving with the permanent cookie through Adobe Systems GmbH, with effect in the future. To do this, simply click on the appropriate link here (or below, at 7.6) and confirm your refusal on the page so accessible. In this case, your browser saves a “Do not track” cookie from Adobe, so Adobe technology is no longer used.
Recipients / Recipient Categories: As part of data processing within the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING national headquarters, the data are disclosed to the AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING specialty marketing / BI department, to Adobe or other technical service providers who have signed contracts with regarding the processing of orders, according to art. 28 of the RGPD, before accessing the data, for purposes of assistance.
7.2 Storage Time / Criteria for setting the storage time for cookies
Session cookies are deleted after each end of the internet session (close the browser). Permanent cookies remain in your browser until you delete them manually.

8. Encryption
We take technical and organizational security measures to protect data against unauthorized access as much as possible. In addition to providing the operational environment, we use encryption methods. The information you provide is automatically transmitted and verified in encrypted form using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to prevent the abuse of third-party data. You can see that your browser’s status bar contains the lock symbol and that the address line starts with “https …”.

13. Your rights as a person involved
According to art. 15 par. (1) of the RGPD, you have the right to obtain free of charge, upon request, information about your personal data stored by AEGEAN OIL CONSULTING.
In addition, if there are legal requirements, you have the right to modify (Article 16 of the RGPD), to delete (Article 17 of RGPD) and limit (Article 18 of RGPD) the processing of personal data .

To the extent that the data processing is based on Art. 6 par. (1) lit. (e) or (f) of the RGPD, you have a right of opposition in accordance with Art. 21 of RGPD. To the extent that you oppose data processing, it is no longer valid unless the operator demonstrates that there are overriding reasons justifying the processing and which prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject.
If you grant your data processing consent, you have a right to transfer the data, as per art. 20 of RGPD.
To the extent that the processing of data is based on consent, according to art. 6 par. (1) lit. (a) or art. 9 par. (2) lit. (a) of the RGPD, it may at any time be revoked with effect in the future without this affecting the legality of the previous processing.
In the above situations, if there are any open questions or complaints in writing or by e-mail, please contact the Data Protection Officer.
In addition, you have the right to file complaints with a data protection supervisor. The Data Protection Supervisor of the country where you live or where the responsible person is located is competent in this respect.
14. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer
Address: Bibescu Voda, nr. 2, Ploiesti, Prahova
Telephone: + 40 344 144 591

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