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Drilling Waste Management Module

GN modular drilling waste management units are small packages of different function for drilling waste management. The modular waste management equipment include drilling cuttings transfer unit, high G dryer shaker unit, waste mud transfer unit, packaged skid mounted vertical cuttings dryer, and decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid, and drilling waste container.

Features and Benefits Of GN Modular Drilling Waste Management Unit

1)Flexibility: Depends on different applications, operators select the components and bring only the needed waste management unit for different jobs. Also as the modular unit is small and compact, operators can have the best flexibility to layout the components in the jobsite. 2)Easy for transportation: Most of the drilling rigs are in remote areas, the transportation for big stuff is very difficult, the waste management components allow operators to load the components easily on either small trucks or longer truck. 3)Easy installation: All the modular waste management components are self contained for it’s own function, operators only need to connect hoses by fast connection and plug the power to run the modular units. 4)Fast delivery with good Price: Although the layout is customized for different applications, but each modular unit is standard with different option for selection, this allows GN to produce the components with big quantity in on batch and keep modular unit in stock. This allows GN to give client the drilling waste management components fast delivery with good price.  
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