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GN Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU)

GN Thermal Desorption Unit is an ex-situ, non-incineration technology designed to separate hydrocarbons from various matrices including oilfield waste, oil based drilling cuttings, soil, sludge, sand, filter-cake, tank and tanker bottoms, organic-based hazardous waste and contaminated soil in a non-oxidizing atmosphere without destroying the hydrocarbons. Indirect heated treatment technology; oily waste will be heated firstly. The oil and moisture will gasified, and gases will be quenched and condensed for oil/water separation. The TDU technology has been used extensively for waste management, and recovery of the oil from the waste material as a sellable product throughout the world. gn tdu layout

GN Thermal Desorption Unit Specifications

Model GNTDU-35A
Capacity 3.5 to 5.0 Tons/Hour
TPH on treated Solids 0.3-1 %
Total Installed Power About 150Kw
Power Consumption About 100KW
Burner Type Diesel or Natural Gas made in Italy
No. of Burners 6 (Two font burners, four side burners)
Fuel Consumption About 130Kg/Hour Diesel
Ambient Temp. 0-45 C degree
BS&W in Oil recovered <1%
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